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Knockdown & Rebuild

The ideal solution to knocking down and starting again

It's one of real estate's greatest challenges: an unbeatable location, but hampered by an existing house that just isn't right.

Urbanedge however has the simple, sensible, stress-free answer -  our Knockdown-Rebuild solution will transform the ideal location in the perfect address.

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When the right move is not to move at all...

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Journey to Your New Urbanedge Home

1. Meet & Greet

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Your Sales Consultant will provide you with information about Urbanedge Homes and will take the time to understand your needs and what you are looking for in your new home. Consider size, single or double storey, how much you want to spend and what features you want. With this information, your Sales Consultant will show you our range of home designs that match your needs. At this stage, your Sales Consultant will also introduce you to our finance partners Inovayt, who can assist you with finding the most competitive loan to match your individual requirements.

2. Walk Through

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Your Sales Consultant will take you on a guided walk through of one of our display homes to get a deeper understanding of your needs and create a wish list for your new home. They will guide you through the various display upgrades, inclusions, plan options, cabinetry and staircase options as well as our extensive façade range.

3. Finance

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Our finance partner Inovayt, will call you to provide a non-obligation finance qualification in order to understand or confirm your borrowing capacity.
Please note, an Inovayt finance qualification is required in order to continue with your journey.

4. Home Proposal

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Using your wish list, your Sales Consultant will then be able to provide you with a provisional quote and siting of your home on your land. You will also receive marked-up sketches which will show the options you’ve selected, applied to your chosen floorplan design.
To move forward to the next step, an initial deposit of $2,500 is required. This deposit will secure a site start month as well as pricing, provided your final sales sign off occurs within 60 days from receipt of the initial deposit.

5. Review

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At this stage, your marked-up plans are reviewed by our team of experts for buildability and siting review. This review will include:
• An initial site inspection of your block to assess site access, trees, power lines, connection points or other items that may affect your build including existing or proposed future pools.
• A re-establishment survey to assess any encroachments to ensure your selected design is suitable
• An Arborist report (if applicable) to assess existing trees for potential removal or amendments to your home design to suit.
• Completion of a feature and contour survey
At Urbanedge, we check these items at this early stage of your journey so we can deliver your home in a timely manner to the quality you expect.
Once the review is complete, we’ll advise if we need to make any changes to your home to ensure its success and present options to you, or we’ll have final approval to move forward to the next step. Please note, once approved, any changes to your home such as façade, structural or external changes that impact your siting won’t be possible.
If for any reason, we are unable to build on your block, your deposit will be refundable, minus any incurred costs.


6. Pricing

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Now that your plans have been reviewed and approved, we’ll be able to update your pricing based on your siting and the options and selections you’ve made so far. Your Sales Consultant will present this to you, including itemised options for your approval. At this stage we will require a second deposit of $2,500.

7. Concept Plan

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At this stage of your journey, you will start to see your home come to life! You will be provided with a floorplan of your home, complete with the mark-ups and options you selected earlier. You’ll also be able to view a 3D render of your external elevations so you can see what your new façade will look like.
A ResCode assessment will be organised through our building surveyor at this stage. This document assesses the home design and your block for compliance and any applicable overlays which may require additional permits.

8. Sales Sign Off

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This is your final appointment with your Sales Consultant before you transition to our team at Head Office. At this appointment you will review and sign off your floorplan siting and quote.
If you are happy to proceed, then a Sales Accept fee of $3,000 is payable at the time of sign off.

9. Sales Accept

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Sales Accept is our official process internally where we handover a file from Sales to our team at Head Office. After this stage, your dedicated Pre-site Customer Service Specialist will call you to introduce themselves; they will be your main point of contact from this point right until your home is ready to go to site.
Your Pre-site Customer Service Specialist will book in times for you to complete your Colour, Electrical and Contract appointments. They will also need to discuss with you, some important items relating to the existing dwelling including:
• Current living arrangements in the existing dwelling
• Abolishment of services and demolition process
• Underground power pit requirements
• Confirmation of land ownership as well as contact details of your broker

10. Colours & Electrical

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It’s now time to make your Colour and Electrical selections at our Mahercorp Selection Studio, located at Level 1, 90 Maribyrnong St, Footscray. Your Pre-site Customer Service Specialist will book this in for you.
The first step will be to have a guided browse appointment which is conducted on Saturdays between 10am-3pm. This gives you the chance to view our entire showroom to see what is available to you, seek advice from our professional Colour Consultants, start making some selections and build a wish list.
You will then complete two further appointments. One appointment to select your colours with your Colour Consultant to formally finalise your homes fixtures, fittings and finishes and the other to select electrical options and layout with our Electrical Consultant. Appointments are available 9am Monday-Friday at Mahercorp Selection Studio.

11. Contract

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Your Pre-site Customer Service Specialist will book an appointment for your final Contract signing after colour and electrical selections have been documented on your full plans and elevations. Your MBAV New Home Contract Includes:
• Tender
• Specifications
• Colour & Electrical selections
• Contract drawings
Once signed, we will send a finance pack to your relevant financial institution and the balance of 5% deposit is required.
Contract appointments are available Monday-Friday at 9:30am at Head Office in Footscray. Please allow up to 3 hours for your appointment.

12. Site Start Preparation

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Following your contract signing, in preparation to go to site, we require you to complete the following:
• Abolishment of service
• Demolition Permit
• Demolition and Asbestos (if applicable) Clearance Certificates
• Underground Power Application Lodged
Please ask your Pre-Site Customer Service Specialist if you require any assistance with these items.

13. Permits

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Once the pre-existing home is demolished, we will take care of everything, including:
• Second feature and contour survey and soil report
• Plumbing consent
• Drainage inspection
• No go zone permit
• Traffic management
• Second re-establishment survey (if required)
• Energy report
• Builder’s insurance
• Engineering
• Building permit
At this stage you will need to provide us with your finance approval and your asset protection permit. Your Pre-site Customer Service Specialist will be able to assist you with this and send you the appropriate paperwork to help you complete this step. We will provide you with a final document pack which will include final documents that we will use to construct your home. These will be required to be signed off prior to site start.

14. Site Start

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Once your building approval and finance approval come through – we are ready to start building your new home.

Congratulations – we are ready to go to site!

Things to know Things to know


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You'll need to apply for two local council permits and send these to us, they are:

  • Demolition Permit, this allows you to demolish the existing structure.
  • Asset Protection Permit, this protects you from liability for any damage to footpaths, gutters, nature strips etc. The Asset Protection Permit must cover the entire period of the demolition and construction works. 

For more information, contact your local council's development or planning office. 

Fencing and Security

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For safety and security, temporary fencing must be erected around the site while the old home is being demolished. Your demolition company may arrange this for you or provide advice on how to organise it yourself.
This fencing should be removed once demolition is complete, as Urbanedge Homes will provide our own security fencing when construction begins.

Tree Removal

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After assessment of an Arborist report, please ensure all relevant permits are in place with the locate authority for removal of any protected trees within existing overlay areas.

Established Fencing

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Older existing fencings on our block, especially when building on or near the boundary may require to be removed before commence of construction. All front fencing will be required to be removed for clear access to the block. 

Abolishment of Services

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Client to confirm abolishment of services are complete. These include marked, capping off and sealing existing connection points outside the building envelope. 
  • Sewer points run back to the sewer location and cap
  • Sewer water drain to be brought back to the LPOD point or the boundary if outside the title boundary
  • Water mains to be brought back to the meter and capped. Meter to be protected if location to remain.
  • Gas provider to remove and cap existing underground supply, and
  • Power distribution company to disconnect existing electrical and bring back to pole or pit.


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You will need to provide a clearance certificate for both Asbestos (if found) and Demolition (cleared site). Demolition should include removal of all existing foundations, existing concrete paths and driveways, scaping all existing vegetation off the land and providing a clean building site free of any rubble. Your demolition company will provide you with a Certificate of Demolition and an Asbestos Clearance Certificate.
Once you have forwarded both of these to us, we can begin the building process.

Underground Power

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If your property currently has overhead power, you will need to arrange for an overhead-to-underground conversion through your local electrical distributor, before construction begins.
It can take up to 4 weeks to arrange quotations and then another 6 weeks for the conversion. Discuss underground conversion with your electricity distributor when you’re arranging to have the power disconnected from your property.


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If your block has a pool, or you're thinking about adding one, please ask your Sales Consultant for a copy of our pool policy.